Exams and assessments
Re-imagined online.

BetterExaminations is an end-to-end high-stake examinations platform that supports educators and learners.

Securely create, approve, deliver, and invigilate examinations through a single cloud-based system.

Why students love BetterExaminations

Take exams the same way you learn

When was the last time your students used a pen and paper to take notes or engage with course material? Help synchronise how they learn with how they take their exams with BetterExaminations. Let students take their exams from wherever they’re comfortable.

Reduces stress

Let your students focus on their exam without switching between systems. We ensure the student can maximise their performance by providing a fluid examinations experience.

Flexibility and accuracy

Take your examination anywhere, any time! Students can take their exam on their own device—already familiar to them—from the comfort of their home.

With BetterExaminations, students are invigilated using high-grade AI invigilation to ensure their examination is accurately monitored.

Easy to use

BetterExaminations was designed with students in mind and provides a fluid, intuitive experience for students and academics from start to finish, even those with less computer literacy.

Less formatting, more focus

By taking examinations online, students can quickly and easily edit their responses. They can focus on doing their best rather than on wasting valuable exam time formatting or reordering their answers.

Why you’ll love BetterExaminations


BetterExaminations offers cost savings by eliminating the need for printing, venue, and invigilating staff.

Exam integrity

With high-grade invigilating Machine Learning, you can rely on high-quality remote invigilation, so you can deliver exams wherever you need to.


Scale easily as you need, all with a single system. Our cloud-based system lets you grow your testing numbers easily and securely.

Reduced workload

BetterExaminatons is simple and easy for your academic staff to use, whether creating exams with our Exam Creation Tool, marking, or managing examinations.


You won’t need to print or circulate examination drafts or final versions by hand, on paper: reduce both your excessive paper use and environmental impact with a simple cloud solution.

Distance education

Let your academics deliver distance education and assessments: BetterExaminations caters to all learners across the globe with an online platform.


Better Examinations Dashboard

Flexible question types

BetterExaminations offers more than 40 different intuitive question types, letting your exam authors make exams as simple or complex as needed.

Better Examinations Dashboard


Digital exams can be put through the appropriate approval workflows, giving you peace of mind that your exams have been reviewed and signed off before they’re assigned to any student.

Better Examinations Dashboard


Once the examination has passed the creation and approval process, you can administer the examination through a secure exam delivery portal.

Better Examinations Dashboard


The online testing platform is monitored through the high-grade BetterExaminations Automated Invigilation System while students take their test. Our unique platform ensures validity and integrity in the examination delivery process and improves the student experience with our user-friendly platform.

Better Examinations Dashboard


Our Feedback tool lets academics mark tests and send results back to the students efficiently and effectively, from anywhere in the world.

Better Examinations Dashboard


BetterExaminations integrates closely with your existing Learning Management Systems so your staff and students don’t need another platform to sign in to.